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Kansas City Deaerator Company
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Parts and Service

Kansas City Deaerator Company supplies trays, spray valves, and other trays and spray valves for deaerators of all types and sizes, regardless of manufacturer. Our engineers are capable of repairing and improving the performance of various manufactures. When needed, our Field Service teams can be on-site upon short notice.

Thanks to our personnel's experience while working at Chicago Heater Company and other manufacturers, we can supply improved design, trays, and spray valves to most deaerators in existence.

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Spray Valves
Kansas City Deaerator Spray Valve
Kansas City Deaerator Company
has various Spray Valves and
Trays to match existing OEMs.
Kansas City Deaerator Tray Unit
Chicago Heater Spray Valve
Chicago Heater Type
Chicago Heater Tray Unit
L.A. Water Spray Valve
L.A. Water Type
Graver Spray Valve
Graver Type
Graver Tray
Ecodyne Spray Valve
Ecodyne Type
Ecodyne Tray
Sterling Spray Valve
Sterling Type
Sterling Tray Unit
Worthington Brass Spray Valve
Worthington Type
‹– Brass
Kansas City Deaerator Tray Unit
Worthington Stamped Spray Valve
Worthington Type
‹– Stamped
Kansas City Deaerator Tray Unit
Cochrane Spray Valve 2-hole

Cochrane Spray Valve Threaded

Crane Cochrane Type

Crane Cochrane Type
Cochrane Tray Unit 1

Cochrane Tray Unit 2

Cochrane Tray Unit 6 X 18
ASC Spray Valve
ASC Type
ASC Tray Unit
PMI Spray Valve
PMI Type
PMI Tray Unit
PMI Spray Valve
Pemco Type
PMI Tray Unit
Kewanee Atomizing Spray Valve
Kewanee Type
Atomizing Spray Valve (left)
Reverse Spring Loaded (right)
American Water
American Water Softener